Thursday, 29 September 2011

My name is Emma Compton and I am an addict!

It has been 6 months since I have written this blog and for once it is not through a lack of ideas or motivation. It is because of my addiction. It has taken over much of my computer time, if I am using the computer now it is generally for my addiction, if I do use the computer for anything else, like emailing or Guiding stuff, I have to make a concious effort to not get involved in the addiction.

What am I addicted to? I hear you ask, well its not the obvious things like booze, its not the geeky nerdy things like World of Warcraft, it is an innocuous little game, found on Facebook, called Gardens of Time.

Gardens of Time, how lovely does that sound! Well be afraid, like Pringles, 'Once you pop, you can't stop!' It is a Hidden Mysteries game whereby pictures appear on the screen with hidden objects in them a for you to find, that in itself would be enough for me but those wily game designers added another element. Playing the game earns you 'money' which you then spend on buying and decorating a garden, there is loads of trees, plants, ornaments and buildings that you can buy. If that was not enough you can also link with other people (neighbours) that you can visit and then play in their garden.

How is this so addictive, I have no idea, but if I go missing for another few weeks, you'll know that a new level has been released.

Come and try it, if you dare..........

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